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Kombucha+Matcha Supreme Fresh Refreshing + Antibacterial Feminine Mist (30ml) - Women Hygiene & Protection
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Refreshing + Antibacterial Feminine Mist
KM Supreme Fresh

In today’s day and age, many women who are living a busy lifestyle has often neglected their own health and wellbeing – and that includes FEMININE HYGIENE.

FEMININE HYGIENE is about keeping your intimate area CLEAN and INFECTION-FREE.

It is important to maintain personal hygiene in order to stay healthy by avoiding vaginal problems like- ABNORNAL VAGINAL DISCHARGE, IRRITATION, DRYNESS, FOUL ODOUR, INFECTIONS AND EVEN FATAL DISEASES LIKE CERVICAL OR OVARIAN CANCER.

In view of that, Kombucha Essentials introduces SUPREME FRESH FEMININE MIST.

This is another SUPERIOR PRODUCT of our KOMBUCHA LINE…’s why:

1. This FEMININE MIST is very handy- you can carry it anywhere you go, and because it is in a SPRAY BOTTLE it is so easy to use. After urinating, all you need to do is SPRITZ, WIPE and GO. You can spray it directly to the intimate area OR spray it on a clean tissue paper then wipe it. It can also be sprayed on PANTY LINER or SANITARY NAPKIN to maintain freshness.

2. Contains an ingredient called “LACTIL” which is a blend of humectants maintaining the NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTOR (NMF) and Normal Flora. Thus, this Feminine Mist will keep the Feminine Area CLEAN and FRESH without drying it.

3. Contains TEA TREE EXTRACT to eliminate unpleasant odor and kill bacteria; and CHAMOMILE EXTRACT to avoid irritation.

4. And best of all it has KOMBUCHA BLACK TEA that helps stabilize pH of vagina and MATCHA to keep it protected. But wait- MEN CAN USE THIS PRODUCT TOO! Men also need to protect and keep their private part CLEAN and FRESH!

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